Hello I’m Hizda, a design student based in Singapore. My designs are often fueled by the need for a conclusion to a genuine problem, then exploring this route through visual means. I craft a tailored message for my target audience and often use my projects to create prompts for self-reflection; I believe everything starts from within a person.

A large part of my process is also in keeping an open mind; to not come to a quick conclusion to anything, be it a piece of news or information. To be able to measure and estimate that data, based upon values and ethics, which is part of critical thinking, sets up my initial frame of creative thought process.

Email me hizdamazing@gmail.com

Recently my creative curiosity introduced a newfound interest in illustration. Exploring different visual ways and providing an abundance of dark and gritty images, often inspired by pop culture and my own self-reflection. You can see more of my visual experiments with different mediums and aesthetic routes here.


BA(Hons) Communication Design
The Glasgow School of Art
2018 - 2020

Diploma in Visual Communications
Nanyang Polytechnic
2015 - 2018


The Press Room       2020 - 

Dezain Print        2018 
Experienced the behind the scenes of the printing industry .

3AD PTE LTD, Intern designer        2017  
Learnt a more in-depth knowledge of Adobe softwares and how to create concepts both practical and aesthetic. Experienced internal idea pitching and the commercial design industry.

Upcycling project, school project        2016
Working in a team of 4, we had to create a brand to sell our upcycled products during MAAD at red dot museum. Experienced branding, marketing and picked up embroidery skills as I created an upcycled denim wallet and card holder.

Volunteer project       2015
A self-initiated project that requires us to research on who to help and how to help. In groups of 4, our solution was to create food hampers for the ones living in one room flats as many struggles to make ends meet. We sourced and bought easy to cook food. We also hand packed them with handwritten notes as encouragements. This project taught me project management and empathy.

Crabtree and Evelyn,
Part time sales person        2014
Learnt how to communicate with different types of people. I helped to find and recommend products that are suitable for the customers’ needs. I also helped to do restocking and housekeeping.


Singapore Packaging Star Awards        2017 Asia Packaging Star Awards         2017 Health Promotion Board  Sticker Competition         2018